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Best Selling Essential Oil Blends (6 Pack)

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The perfect essential oil blends starter kit including our six best selling aromamist blends.


Deep Sleep: Drift away with this restful blend of sedative florals. This blend combines Lavender, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain and Roman Chamomile which may naturally help calm the nervous system and help promote a relaxing atmosphere before sleep.

Relax & Restore: Relax and restore with this beautiful and calming blend of Mandarin, Cedarwood, Lavender, Lavandin, Lemon, Non-Phototoxic Bergamot and Roman Chamomile. Ease into your evenings and set a serene mood with this unique blend.

Breathe Easy (Certified Organic): Refresh and reinvigorate with our unique Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend. Combining Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon and Cedarwood our Breathe Easy Blend may help to clear your sinuses and provide relief from congestion while purifying the air.

Simply Citrus: Our Simply Citrus Blend has been specially formulated with Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils to help ease the stresses of daily life, and bring calm to the mind and body. This citrus burst is sure to encourage balance and uplift you on the darkest of days.

Inspire Me: Clear your mind and improve concentration with our Inspire Me blend. This refreshing blend of Mandarin, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Cardamom and Peppermint is perfect to use at work, during study, or whenever you feel like you need a boost of focus and concentration.

Women's Wellbeing: This beautiful essential oil blend of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Cedarwood and Rosemary has been created with women in mind to help restore calm and balance.

Size: 6 x 10ml Bottles