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Multi-Light Vaporiser / Wax Warmer - Rainbow

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This ultimate two in one Aromamatic® Vaporiser/Wax Warmer blends the aromatic and visual world together creating a tantalizing aromatic atmosphere. The safe operating temperature allows your essential oils or wax melts to gently vaporize, revealing a delightful scent while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of its soft gentle lights.

Created to combine the self-regulating temperature of a soy wax warmer & essential oil vaporiser with the latest LED lighting technology, we have create a unique way to efficiently enjoy your favourite soy wax melts and essential oils. The gentle temperature is warm enough to melt but not hot enough to burn your wax melts and essential oils.

The Rainbow Multi-Light Vaporiser/Wax Warmer is ideal for creating an aromatically, mood enhancing atmosphere.

Suitable for either Soy Wax Melts or Essential Oils
Operation is Safe, Simple & Convenient
No ongoing cost of tea lights or light bulb/globe
Only the recessed area of the vaporiser emits heat
No Water Required
Safe to operate 24/7
Quite Operation
Cool to the touch and will not overheat
Easy to Clean & Maintain
One Year Guarantee

How to Use
Plug the Warmer into a standard electric outlet
Allow up to 15 minutes for the warmer to reach full operating temperature
Add your favourite wax melt to the bowl (do not over fill the bowl)
Use only with Soy Wax Melts or Essential Oils and remove all packaging before use
Dissolving time of the Melt will vary from product to product
To remove used wax melt or essential oil residue, let the melt cool & harden then remove
Replace melts as desired
If using with Essential Oil or Blends with the Aromamatic Wax Warmer add water

Size: 13h x 11w cm - Weight: 0.900 gms
Average operating cost is less than 9c per day
Self regulated low operating temperature of below 90°C - 95°C
Rated at less than 10 watts of power
Fully insulated internal wiring system.
The porcelain case has a natural insulating characteristics

LED Lights
LED lights operate at a low voltage and do not generate any significant heat.
The longevity and reliability of the LED is 50,000 hours plus, making then efficient and highly economical.
The multiple LED lights are securely encased as a single unit and can be operated independently of the vaporiser.