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Black Pearl Wax Warmer

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The Aromamatic® Soy Wax Warmer, with it's safe operating temperature, allows your wax melts to gently dissolve into liquid, revealing it's delightful scent. The Warmer's gentle temperature is warm enough to melt but not hot enough to burn your wax melts. This timeless ceramic piece has been cleverly designed to operate at a lower temperature than other similar apparatus which rely on either a naked flame or light bulb. It's an eco friendly way to scent your home or office.

  • Operation is Safe, Simple & Convenient
  • No ongoing cost of tea lights or light bulb/globe
  • Only the recessed area of the warmer/vaporiser emits heat
  • No Water Required
  • Safe to operate 24/7
  • Quite Operation
  • Cool to the touch and will not overheat
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • One Year Guarantee

How to Use
  • Plug the Warmer into a standard electric outlet
  • Allow up to 15 minutes for the warmer to reach full operating temperature
  • Add your favourite wax melt to the bowl (do not over fill the bowl)
  • Use only with Soy Wax Melts or Tarts and remove all packaging before use
  • Dissolving time of the Melt will vary from product to product
  • To remove used wax melt, let the melt cool & harden then remove
  • Replace melts as desired
  • If using with Essential Oil or Blends with the Aromamatic Wax Warmer add water.

  • Size: 9h x 12w cm
  • Weight: 0.650 gms
  • Average operating cost is less than 9c per day
  • Self regulated low operating temperature of below 90°C - 95°C
  • Rated at less than 10 watts of power
  • Fully insulated internal wiring system.
  • The ceramic case has natural insulating characteristics